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Urban Genius Collection

Our Urban Genius Collection combines natural richness and grain with a velvety surface that feels truly delightful underfoot. A special brushing process accentuates the grain and structure of the plank while making it somehow feel soft to the touch. Natural character marks burst into life to create a floor of real depth, texture and character.

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Ideal Classic Collection

The Ideal Classic collection that started it all, and it is still as popular as ever. Timeless, beautiful. At home in every environment.The planks in the ideal classic collection have a unique planed surface that ensure a warn, natural appearance.

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Ideal Texture Collection

From the union between past and innovation arise this collection, thought for those who wants to enjoy new trends without abandon the style of classic wood flooring. Tradition is echoed in the colors that give a nostalgic, but at the same time original soul.

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